A Personal Story

Salaam and her son, Gabriel (pseudonyms), were clients of Mesila from October 2015. 

Due to her husband's physical disability, Salaam was the sole breadwinner. Because Salaam needed to work, Gabriel was placed in a pirate “babysitter” a few months after he was born.

When he was almost three, Gabriel still didn’t talk at all, and was referred by "Tipat Halav" baby clinic to Mesila. After a long process supported by Mesila's social worker, he was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum and the social worker started looking for a suitable special-needs kindergarten for him.

In January 2017, the father left Israel unannounced and took all of the family’s savings with him. His departure had a profoundly difficult impact on Gabriel’s emotional state and behavior as well as on Salaam’s emotional well-being. 


Despite her distress, Salaam continued to look after Gabriel’s special needs, with an emphasis on placing him into a proper educational setting. With Mesila's assistance, Gabriel started learning in a special-needs kindergarten for children with communication problems in October 2017. 

During this period, Salaam was fired from her job. After she discussed the details of the trauma and torture she suffered in Sinai in her therapy sessions with the social worker at Mesila, Salaam she was recognized as a victim of human trafficking.

The kindergarten has reported that Gabriel is thriving and is loved by the children and staff, and they see a significant improvement in his development. In the meantime, Salaam found a job and with great effort finally managed to get back on her feet. Salaam is a mother who in spite of going through crises and hardships has first and foremost put an emphasis on her child's needs.

We are happy to share that with the assistance of the UNHCR, Salaam and Gabriel were granted resettlement in another country. ​